A Nod to Motherhood

May 10, 2009 by MommyGirl  
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Whether you chose it or it chose you, you have all entered into the mysterious, wonderful, frightening, crazy, exquisite domain called Motherhood.

Today is your day. It’s the day when the world stops and gives you a collective nod for doing the mostly unnoticed things you do all the live long day . . . wiping snot from runny noses, taking tear-stained midnight phone calls, beaming from audiences at whatever your children are putting forth on stages, choosing to cook an actual meal rather than just sprinkling Cocoa Puffs on the ground and hoping your kids will find it there. . . .

I recently read that the things that seem to bind us the tightest and feel the most constrictive are the very things that ultimately free us. Motherhood is a great proof of that pudding.

The moment you became a mom, you unwittingly signed up to have your greatest fears revealed and potentially brought to light. You inadvertently agreed to commit to a cause greater than your own happiness. You bound yourselves forever to Life and to Love.

To my own mom, here’s my nod to your courage and to all the things I failed to really see as we bumbled along the Mother Daughter Yellow Brick Road together over the past nearly 35 years. I love you for all that you are, for all that you are not, for all that you ever wanted to be, and for all that you have yet to become. I love your green eyes framed by smiley creases, your crazy gardening wardrobe, your laugh, your perfect posture, your insight, your crooked smile, your wisdom, your deeply spiritual and intuitive nature, and your uncanny ability to get lost in foreign countries.

To all the other moms on this list, here’s my nod to your courage, to your efforts, to all the things you do everyday that slip under the radar, to all the things in your hearts that you fear, and to all the things that you love.

Your children will most definitely see every single one your faults and will frequently fail to see your many redeeming qualities, but all they will ever want when everything is said and done is your unguarded and “unguilted” love.

A Mother’s Day tribute, by Kathleen Nolan