Ministry of Reality Mondays

July 5, 2010 by MommyGirl  
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One of the themes of conversation in the MbG community over the past few months has been the “Ministry of Reality.”

In short the idea behind the Ministry of Reality “is being able to be REAL about life. Homes are not always (not *usually* even!) spotless, children are not always dressed adorably, children do not always “behave,” marriage is hard, and there aren’t simple answers to hard questions. Being honest about all of this makes it easier (in my opinion) to live life… because we can ASK for help about problems we aren’t covering up. We can be encouraged by others’ stories of surviving similar seasons and trials.”

Being real, being vulnerable. . . in that we can ask for help from others, be approachable when others need our help. In the Ministry of Reality we can acknowledge just how dependent we are on God’s grace daily, and (hopefully, prayerfully, fallenly) show what that dependence looks like.

In the spirit of the Ministry of Reality, several moms have starting blogging about that on Mondays, Ministry of Reality Mondays. As humorously appropriate, it started last week. . . on Tuesday.

So for your reading and reality encouragement:

“Ministry of the Real” OR “Our Kids’ First Fling with Jackson Pollock”

*tap tap tap* Anybody there? Coming next Monday…

“Ministry of Reality” Monday…

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Twitter: #ministryofreality

Please post here if you have more to add.

Ministry of Reality Monday will be hosted next Monday, July 12, by SoggyMommy.


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